In Situ Archaeology has over a decade of experience in the cultural/heritage resource management industry. We have a diverse portfolio of clients and projects, ranging from exploratory research for academic/First Nation governments to archaeological mitigation for a variety of sectors (forestry, mines, Hydro, Parks, Regional and Provincial infrastructural, and residential projects).

In Situ Archaeology is located on the Sunshine Coast in southwestern BC, we specialize in Coastal archeology, but we can assist with your project anywhere in British Columbia.

The projects we are involved in meet the requirements set forth by regulatory bodies, prioritize meaningful consultation with First Nations, and contribute to a deeper understanding of the archaeology of British Columbia.

In Situ Archaeology offers a wide range of archaeological solutions, including preliminary field (archaeological reconnaissance (PFR or PAFR), impact assessments (AIAs), archaeological overview assessments (AOA), and monitoring. Click here or contact us to learn more about Our Services.

Read a little About In Situ Archaeology and what motivates us here at, both in the office and in the field.

Our Team is based in Roberts Creek and Powell River, BC. We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Archaeologists, Archaeological Technicians, and Operations Specialists focused on the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound area, Vancouver Island and beyond.

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