In Situ Archaeology is comprised of a specialized team of Archaeologists, Anthropologists and Technicians focused on the long history of the landscape we inhabit in our daily lives.

Our mission is to apply unparalleled anthropological insight
while providing thoughtful and effective consultation.

The strong relationships we continue to build throughout the Northwest Coast of British Columbia allow us to offer effective solutions to a wide range of clients and project types.

The projects we are involved in meet the requirements set forth by regulatory bodies, prioritize meaningful consultation with First Nations, and contribute to a deeper understanding of the archaeology of British Columbia.

In Situ Archaeology specializes in Development & Planning, Policy Planning & Training, Cultural Resource Management Support Services, Research and Museum Management.

Our team brings meaningful insight to a wide range of projects and clients, including policy planning, repository and conservation work, projects within industrial and commercial sectors, and private residential developments.

Our Team is based in Roberts Creek and Powell River, BC. We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Archaeologists, Archaeological Technicians, and Operations Specialists focused on the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound area, Vancouver Island and beyond.

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