Archaeology Services - Sunshine Coast, BC

Development & Planning

  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR) survey and Preliminary Archaeological Field Reconnaissance (PAFR)
  • Dock and private moorage PFR survey
  • Timber-harvesting PAFR survey
  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Archaeological Potential Modeling
  • Section 12.4 Site Alteration Permits (SAP)
  • Section 12.2 Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA)
  • Archaeological Inventory Studies (AIS)
  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA)
  • Archaeological Management Planning (AMP)
  • Identification and recording of interior and coastal Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs)
  • Traditional Use Studies (TUS)

Cultural Resource Management Support Services

  • Project Management
  • Archaeological Mapping & Graphics Services
  • Archaeological Laboratory Services including lithic, faunal and osteological analyses
  • Archaeological Management Planning

Policy Planning & Training

  • Regulatory assistance
  • Cultural Protocol Training & Implementation
  • Cultural heritage tourism
  • Guidance in working with other institutions (governmental, research, academic and funding partners)
  • Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) Training

Museum Management​

  • Conditions assessment of curation facilities
  • Interior concept planning
  • Creative direction and exhibit design
  • Museum collections management
  • Long-term storage planning
  • Training in lab analysis techniques, museum ethics, conservation methods, facility operations

Research Capabilities

  • Historical and archival research
  • Land-use and landscape studies
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cartographic and photographic analysis
  • Oral histories research
  • Anthropological research, studies, composition papers

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