In Situ Archaeology

Archaeology Services – Proudly serving the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound area, Vancouver Island BC and beyond for more than a decade.

Development & Planning

  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR) survey and Preliminary Archaeological Field Reconnaissance (PAFR)
  • Dock and private moorage PFR survey
  • Timber-harvesting PAFR survey
  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Archaeological Potential Modeling
  • Section 12.4 Site Alteration Permits (SAP)
  • Section 12.2 Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIA)
  • Archaeological Inventory Studies (AIS)
  • Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA)
  • Archaeological Management Planning (AMP)
  • Identification and recording of interior and coastal Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs)
  • Traditional Use Studies (TUS)

Cultural Resource Management Support Services

  • Project Management
  • Archaeological Mapping & Graphics Services
  • Archaeological Laboratory Services including lithic, faunal and osteological analyses
  • Archaeological Management Planning

Policy Planning & Training

  • Regulatory assistance
  • Cultural Protocol Training & Implementation
  • Cultural heritage tourism
  • Guidance in working with other institutions (governmental, research, academic and funding partners)
  • Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) Training

Museum Management​

  • Conditions assessment of curation facilities
  • Interior concept planning
  • Creative direction and exhibit design
  • Museum collections management
  • Long-term storage planning
  • Training in lab analysis techniques, museum ethics, conservation methods, facility operations

Research Capabilities

  • Historical and archival research
  • Land-use and landscape studies
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cartographic and photographic analysis
  • Oral histories research
  • Anthropological research, studies, composition papers

Our highly skilled and experienced Archaeologists, Archaeological Technicians, and Operations Specialists are based in Roberts Creek and Powell River, BC.

We serve the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound area, Vancouver Island and beyond.

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