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In Situ Archaeology was founded in 2010 by Kenzie and Ashley Jessome. The mission of In Situ is to provide effective, meaningful, and economically efficient archaeological consultation that will meet or exceed the expectations of concerned First Nations while contributing to a deeper understanding of the archaeology of BC. On behalf of our clients, we have always striven to approach archaeology from the “four field” approach to anthropology. This allows us to put into context the material (artifact) record, relying on ethnographic data, oral histories, indigenous linguistic data, etc.

In Situ Archaeology is comprised of a specialized group of Archaeologists, Anthropologists and Archaeological Technicians. We conduct a full spectrum of studies for a wide range of clients, including extensive work within industrial sectors such as forestry, mining, and hydroelectricity, and smaller commercial projects, museums, and private residential developments.


Fostering strong working relationships with First Nations on the Southwest Coast of British Columbia is fundamental to our work.

We are based in Roberts Creek and Powell River, BC. Our Archaeologists, Archaeological Technicians, and Operations Specialists serve the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound area, Vancouver Island and beyond.

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